Midgee – Male Stripper

24 Jul 2012, Posted by pbstripteez in News
midget stripper

Midgee Male Stripper

I thought this week we’d have a “wee” look at one of our more unique entertainers Midgee – Male Stripper to the stars :)

I met Midgee on a job four years ago and was blown away by his comedic strip routine for a Stag night we’d organised. At this point you’re probably asking yourself “at a stag” ? Yes thats right ladies and gents Midgee does indeed bust out his little G banger for stags as well as hens.

Last week Leah from the therock.net.nz contacted us to arrange something unforgetable for their whipping boy Bryce so we asked Midgee perform for Bryce live on the radio at 8am in full Gimp outfit! Follow the link below to check out the hilarious video filmed by the Rock crew –

Bryce’s Midget Stripper

Great things come in small packages and Midgee is honestly one of the greatest performers in our industry today! I cant say enough about the guy, he’s super professional, punctual and very polite as he applies the whip to stag buttocks. This is an awesome option if you really want a Stag that people wil NEVER forget!