Can CEOs Learn From Strippers?

28 Oct 2016, Posted by Pete in News

In this recent Forbes Magazine article available here the article piece Auckland-female-Stripperscenters around an experienced female strippers ability to keep their cool in the most challenging situations.

I have read the article a number of times now and I have to agree with the authors perspective having seen strippers become strategists, marketers, and in most cases therapists while they learn their trade craft in the club.

My first experience into the adult entertainment industry began as a male stripper performing at Showboys which later became Pony Club and is now an extension of Showgirls. At the time I was blinded by the glitter and heels so really didn’t look beyond the stage but as the years went by I came to realize that behind coy smiles and smokey eyes I was being weighed and measured.

There is something quite intimidating about a beautiful woman as she stands naked in front of you acting as if she didn’t have a care in the world while you trip over yourself trying to act cool as you hand her your money. I’ve since met a lot of beautifully intimidating women over the years and one thing always rings true in almost all of them, that they become chameleons able to adapt to situations and personalities in the blink of an eye.

Strip clubs bring all walks of life together, all races, all religions, all perched on the edge of their sets, all with a different story and different reasons for visiting that night. Each there to buy a little happiness before heading home to the wife and kids. An experienced stripper will categorise you immediately at first glance and choose her approach accordingly with just the right amount of and smokey eye. From there our chameleon quickly sets about her sales pitch loaded with compliments and coy smiles and once she closes the deal she then adds banker to her repertoire, logging the sale and adding it to the night’s takings.

So does this then mean male strippers have the same skill set derived from their experience with women?

Can a male stripper quickly sum up a woman at first glance?

My ex-wife says no.