Hen Party Checklist

20 Jul 2013, Posted by pbstripteez in News

Your Hen Party Checklist

Planning a Hens Party can be both exciting and daunting. We’ve worked with hundreds of hen parties over the years and have seen all manner of themes, dares, games and disasters.

For the most part kiwi girls are a well organised bunch of hens, with a lot of thought and preparation going into planning that perfect hen’s night. That said though, we thought we’d highlight some of the more important things that will help you make your hen party a huge success and save you any uh-oh moments.

(1) When Is The Best Time To Hold Your Hen Party?

Setting the date as early as possible is advisable. In NZ we have a very defined wedding season running September – April and so there is often strong competition for venue hire be it bus, boat or function room. Plus you are also often up against Stag Party groups for the same bookings. We really hate disappointing clients by being unable to fill that last minute booking for tardy hen nights but it does happen every year. Booking early saves you missing out.

(2) What’s Your Hen Party Theme?

Giving your hen’s night a funky theme is just another great way to add a lot of fun to your night. We’ve seen them all in the past; one of the more popular recent themes being burlesque and one of the more tedious being black & white. Keep the bride in mind, she should of course stand out but at the same time be prepared for a big night, so cumbersome or extravagant attire often doesn’t last the whole night that well. Games, dares and gifts can all be taken into account when choosing a theme to really round out the night.

(3) Who And How Many To Invite?

Logistically you can only invite a certain number of girls. Take numbers into account if you’re planning on using the services of a bus, boat or hotel room. Bus and boat usually have a maximum capacity of 30 and I’m yet to enter a CBD hotel that allows anywhere near that number. In a perfect world you wouldn’t include the bride in too much of the planning but with this aspect it’s often a good idea in case someone important gets missed. Facebook groups and events are a very effective planning tool and helps sound people out on themes and other ideas.

(4) Set A Budget

Set a budget and be brutal. Use the Facebook group to get a feel for what the girls can afford and don’t be shy in asking for their contribution before the big night (one of the more common uh-oh moments). Numbers are the key to help spreading the financial load where possible. Often the biggest expenses aren’t alcohol or food but more often hotels rooms or party buses and of course no party is complete without a cheeky male stripper or topless waiter to rev things up a little. $1500-$2000 books most buses or boats with a 3 hour waiter/stripper combo.

(5) What Games To Play?

Hen’s night games are a MUST in breaking down the barriers between total strangers which is sometimes the case in large groups of hens. It also helps includes any older members of the group, like Mother of the Bride (or soon to be Mother-In-Law!).

In our next blog we will put together a comprehensive list of games and dares for all levels of comfort and agility so stay tuned for our next post!