13 Apr 2011, Posted by pbstripteez in News
stripper photo shoot


We’ve staged a series of photoshoots over the last few months both to update the individual Allstar galleries and also to film for promotional material available on the website itself as well as our YouTube channel. I think it is an important team building experience for both staff and management and by having the entire staff base shot it ensures continuity and flow within your galleries for the client.


We’re lucky enough to have contracted the services of one of New Zealand’s leading promotional photographers Adam Croy who has been instumental in designing these shoots for the Allstars. We wanted our photos to be fun and full of laughter rather than cold and aloof like has so often been done in the past. Adam featured in the picture next to this took up that theme and ran with and we were thrilled with the results!

Allstar Stripper Photoshoot Video