How to Become a Stripper?

15 Jan 2012, Posted by pbstripteez in News
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A Life Less Ordinary

This week I thought I’d blog about the “Why & How” of stripping in New Zealand. We’ll cover the obvious questions and cliches before outlining the real reason alot of guys and girls are choosing a life less ordinary.

Stripping is one of the oldest professions in recorded history. Sure I’m guessing back in biblical times it had a slightly different stigma than it does today and luckily stoning became frowned upon in more modern times with the obvious exception of Iran which coincidentally is Allstar Strippers largest source of Middle East internet traffic!

What You’ll Need

High up on the list of requirements to become a stripper is Fitness which is my way of saying if you’re overweight chances are you either won’t actually get the job in the first place and you’ll definitely won’t make the kind of money you could if you just spent some time on a bike and watched what you eat!

It takes a certain kind of Confidence to become a stripper. A mistake haters often make is that male & female strippers are arrogant, I’d argue that it’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence and that any good performer worth his or her salt needs to push the boundary between the two.

Gotta be super Organised. Once you’ve reached the top of the ladder you have the potential to earn $1500 a night. Here’s the kicker.. that isn’t spaced out over a 24 hour period its more commonly between 7pm-11pm and might entail traveling between 6 or 7 different locations during that time. We have a 3 strike rule for tardy strippers because our clients are often on a tight schedule themselves. Buy a Navman, get a driver these are the things that separate the big earners from the rest.


Ok lets tackle the most common and easily dismissible cliches we all know and love about why people become strippers.

Here are some of the goodies!

They Say Daddy issues We Say Bollocks! Most strippers come from solid supportive families.
They Say Failed at School We Say I know girls and guys with degrees and even doctorates that paid their way through school by dancing.
They Say Single mothers We Say The most common cliche and the least common reason.

What We Need

If you’re interested in applying to Allstar Strippers and have all of the qualities above please drop us a line via the text box or alternately the email address below if you have an attachment to make.

Please don’t email me a one liner, we need a short bio about you which includes a recent photo (we don’t need nude shots just something facebook suitable is fine) Also include you height, age and any previous experience you may have had within the dancing or entertainment industry.

e. info@allstarstrippers.co.nz